Guinea Pigs Delight Residents

Posted on 26th Jan 2024 by Imogen Bowers
resident helen cuddles a guinea pig during a session at norwich based care home corton house

A care assistant cuddling a therapy animal at norwich care home corton house

staff member cuddling a guinea pig in the lounge of corton house care home

a care team member cuddles a visiting therapy guinea pig

Corton house residents were happy to feed, groom and cuddle the guinea pigs

a resident smiles holding a visiting guinea pig at corton house care home

a resident cuddles a guinea pig on her lap in a norwich care home

a resident is delightedly stroking a guinea pig in norwich care home corton hous

a smiling resident with a black fluffy guinea pig on her lap

a smiling resident strokes a guinea pig in the lounge of a norfolk care home

guinea pigs visiting a resident at corton house care home

a resident at corton house strokes a guinea pig on its head

a resident is supported by care assistants to pet a visiting therapy animal

a resident in norfolk care home corton house smiles at a guinea pig on his lap

a staff member cuddles a guinea pig and smiles

a smiling resident cuddles a guinea pig visiting corton house care home

Residents were recently delighted by a visit from some very cute guinea pigs from Cuddly Cavies. They were able to feed, groom and cuddle these lovely animals, known for their placid nature and calming effect on people. Even the staff got in on the action!

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