The Three P's

Posted on 31st Oct 2023 by Imogen Bowers
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As you may be aware, our Norwich independent living scheme, Brakendon Close, offers a whole range of activities and social opportunities for tenants, including quizzes, bingo, boccia, trips out and more.

Perhaps the favourite among these is the now-famous Brakendon Close Taste Test!

A table set with yellow paper plates and cups, and taste test score cards.

Tenants have previously sampled Yule Logs, Crisps & Dips, Sausage Rolls and more, and this time inspiration was drawn from across the Channel with the 3 P's -  Pâté, Prosecco et Pain. Tenants sampled seven different pâtés with French bread and other accompaniments (plus a glass of Prosecco), rating each for texture and taste. The results?

1st place to M&S Crab Pâté with 124 points
2nd place to Grano Vita Vegetable Pâté with 114 points
3rd place to Grano Vita Mushroom, Herbs & Spices Pâté with 112 points
Plus a special mention to Bonsan Beetroot & Horseradish Pâté which our vegetarian taste-testers found "delicious!"
Independent Living tenants enjoy socialising during a taste test at Brakendon Cl
With Christmas on the horizon (sorry!), we anticipate another delicious taste test soon - perhaps Mince Pies? Gingerbread? Mulled Wine? Tenants are welcome to submit ideas to our Scheme Managers Lorraine and Sue.

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