Llama Llama Ding Dong

Posted on 26th Jun 2023 by Imogen Bowers
IMG 20230623 WA0043
Some beautiful alpacas from Wymondham Alpacas & Llamas visited us at Corton House on Friday...
Big thanks to the wonderfully-named Clifton and Galahad and their handlers who came along to Corton House to meet us. The alpacas are apparently best friends, although Clifton does all the work and Galahad just follows along. Clifton even donates blood to help baby alpacas - what a superstar!
We love having animal visitors here at Corton House; the benefits of spending time with animals are well documented and the proof is in the residents' smiles!
Some tenants from Brakendon Close, for whom the lure of an alpaca party was too strong, popped across to the gardens at Corton House to meet them too. It was nice for tenants and residents to be able to catch up with one another while enjoying the company of these lovely creatures.

Three care home staff pet an alpaca in a sunny, green garden

Resident Stan smiling and meeting an alpaca on a sunny patio

Two alpacas and their handler in a beautiful garden in Corton House care home

Residents meeting an alpaca on a shady patio in Corton House garden

Helen a Corton House resident smiles while petting a cream alpaca on the neck

Seated residents of Corton House enjoy the shade while meeting an alpaca

Two residents meet two alpacas accompanied by the chaplain of Corton House

Corton House residents talk to an animal handler about the alpacas

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