Brakendon Close in Bloom

Posted on 9th Jun 2023 by Imogen Bowers
Wildflowers growing in an unmown patch of lawn at Brakendon Close.
The gardens at Brakendon Close are looking beautiful at the moment, with the return of the rare bee orchids on our main lawn  and a beautiful wildflower area supporting our pollinators in their vital work for our eco system! It has been abuzz with bees and butterflies!
A small meadow of wildflowers including poppies in front of a flowering tree

As part of "No Mow May" Adrian created this wildflower area.

A large pink and white flower in a wildflower meadow in Brakendon Close

Various blooms have been attracting pollinators.

A rare bee orchid with purple petals in the garden at brakendon close

A bee orchid, one of many which have appeared once again on the lawn.

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