Our Mission

To provide excellent, loving care and support for older people.

  1. To provide in line with Christian values, residential care and sheltered housing that recognises the individual rights, privacy, dignity and independence of residents and tenants.
  2. To provide a quality of life for residents and tenants at a price which is comparable with the best Residential Care Homes and Sheltered Accommodation in the Norwich area.
  3. To enable all residents and tenants to exploit fully their chosen physical, spiritual and emotional potential.
  4. To maintain our charitable status.
  5. To achieve annual surpluses to maintain sufficient reserves.
  6. To be a fair and trustworthy employer that maintains good employment practices and seeks to train and develop staff to their full potential.
  7. To meet the standards set by Regulators.
  8. To meet the appropriate Standards of Governance.
  9. To communicate effectively with all interested parties.