Standing on the site of the former St Marks Vicarage, Corton House was established over 70 years ago, following a public appeal from the Free Church Council.

As the first purpose-built voluntary run care home for older people in England, Corton House was hailed as a pioneer in social care, with experts in older people's welfare at the time writing, "It is places such as (Corton House) which rob old age of its terrors... I have talked about Corton House as a model of its kind." We continue to operate as a not-for-profit today, with our Christian ethos of kindness and caring for one another underpinning all that we do.

Newspapers proclaimed Corton House "Britain's newest venture in the care of the aged... warmth, comfort and companionship in the evening of their lives," and we still stand for innovation today, with our progressive approach to residents’ wellbeing. 

In 1952 the Lord Mayor, Mr Eric Hinde, turned the key in the main front door and opened Corton House. The staff consisted of a Matron, Deputy Matron, day and night attendants and trained domestic help. As time has moved on we have continued to build on to Corton House and increased our rooms to 42 with a staff of 60. 

In 1970 we built and opened our independent living complex, Brakendon Close, which consists of flats and bungalows.

In August 2017 we were delighted to open 16 new independent living flats, finished to very high standards. This saw Brakendon Close grow to its current capacity of 51 residences, in this quiet location adjacent to Corton House.


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